Woodruff Sleeping Car

NEWS update 2017, 11th of July

Sorry but the Woodruff car has been canceled. We have produced 40 of this model and feel like its time to move on. Also the one kit that previously was available has been sold.

NEWS update 2016, 21th of August

The third run of the Woodruff kit has been packaged and shipped.

Due to a cancellation I have one kit still available. It cost $142 + shipping. It includes trucks and decals. 

Thank you all for the support !

NEWS update 2016, 17th of July

After the third run on the Woodruff kit I have decided to end production of this kit. I'll instead devote my time to the development of the new Metropolitan kit and if there are enough interest to further runs of the Dayton kit.

Thank you all for the support !

NEWS update 2015, 8th of december

The third run on the Woodruff has been sold out and the kits will now go into production.

For you that missed out on the Woodruff depending on how much interest there are I can consider making a fourth run. I need at least 10 reservations to make the run worthwhile. Send an email to info@eightwheelermodels.com if you are interested. For price and information look lower down on this webpage.

There will be a price increase on the Woodruff as the roof previously has been made in a material which Shapeways has discontinued. The alternative material is a little more expensive. I can't say at the moment exactly how much but the increase is estimated to around $10.

Thank you all for the support!

NEWS update 2015, 11th of september

Taking reservation for the third run. There can be some small price changes as Shapeways has cancelled the material that the roof is printed in.

We have added a gallery to our website with models made by our customers. Just click in the menue and chose the Gallery button.

Thank you for the support.

NEWS update 2015, 12 of February

The second run of The Woodruff sleeper is sold out. If there is enough interest a third run will be made.

Announcement 2014, 3th of April

Woodruff Sleeping Car HO scale kit

We are happy to announce that the second run has been filled.

Taking reservations for a third run.

The kit is available in the following configurations:

Configuration 1:

Complete kit with all hardware excluding decals, wheel sets and couplers. Price $127 excluding shipping.

Configuration 2:

Complete kit with all hardware excluding decals, trucks, wheel sets and couplers. Price $113 excluding shipping.

Please add $8 for decals. If ordering two cars there is the option to have a second name.

Shipping will be calculated based on location.

Option. To save on shipping costs the instructions could  be sent via email in pdf format.

Recommended wheel sets are Kadees 36” smooth for which the paper inserts that comes in the kit has been designed for. The car is made to fit Kadees no 42 coupler. The car comes without interior but it is easy add as the body together with roof is one piece and the frame together with end platforms are another. See photos below for the car taken apart.

Please note that this is a Craftsman kit requiring previous modeling skills with similar models. The kit is for the intermediate to experienced modeler. The kit is made up of mostly 3D printed and laser cut parts combined with commercial fittings. Included are various jigs to ease the assembly, for example a soldering jig for assembling the end handrails.

A Little History

This car Juniata was built by Jackson & Sharp around 1883 for the Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Company. This car was a beauty to behold and in their heyday must have been quite a sight as in Lucius Beebes book Mr. Pullman's elegant palace car is indicated how these cars were painted:

 '....in the company livery, seal brown with black end posts and bright yellow roofs, all with liberal gold trim.' 

Also the 1885 February number of the National car builder there is a mention:

'It is painted a seal brown, with black letter-board and gold ornamentation'

The above is the only yet found reference to how these cars were painted.

How To Order

Please make your reservations via email as soon as possible as we only going to make a limited amount of kits in the first run. A second run can be made if there is demand. Please add in your reservation which configuration and if you want decals for the kit.

When the reservations are filled and the kits are packaged I’ll send out an email with payment and shipping information. When payment is received the kits will be shipped.

The Model,

The Prototype,

More pictures and some features....

Six wheel trucks with paper wheels. The trucks and paper wheel inserts

specially made for this project

Clerestory windows with screening and engraved window glass.

Authentic filigree. Decal artwork courtesy John Ott.

Early Westinghouse air brake

Specially made roof fittings

Integrated coupler pockets.

The car taken apart. Easy access for additional detailing and for making a interior.